How familiar is this Muni scene?

Even when your Muni driver isn’t MIA, as they apparently were in @xt1an‘s photo above, it sure does feel that way sometimes, dunnit?

Says he: “hello? does someone want to come move this train? the driver is nowhere to be found”

We hope it got better.


  • Ken

    Pretty common scene at Embarcadero inbound. The drivers leave their unattended trains while they run over to the little bathroom box under the escalators before looping back around to head out.

  • Boris

    Also, sometimes the drivers pause to chat with people on the platform (other Muni employees or even just friends). More often then not the trains start to back up just because somebody is walking…really…slow…from….one….end….of….the….platform….to…the….other.

    A couple of drivers do this and the next thing you know thousands of commuters are 25 minutes late to work. (or if you’re like me you miss your baby bullet train).

    I like the generic congestion announcements – like it’s unavoidable happenstance and not just due to drivers being slow at embarcadero.

  • Jose

    Rush hour at Embarcadero is the worst – lots of Muni employees standing around while hundreds of commuters wait for trains that never come while empty train after empty train runs the opposite direction.

    Muni does this EVERY DAY and yet somehow they have no clue how to handle rush hour.

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