San Francisco Engagement Shoots on Muni

Photo: Sarah Dawson Photography

Almost as much as they love trashing it, people love taking pictures of Muni. Exhibit A: our Muni Photos Flickr pool. Exhibit B: the couples who deemed it romantic enough for engagement and wedding photos. Reader Erin pointed us to these photos, starring love and Muni, by Sarah Dawson Photography. Pictured below are Katie and Shadi, and Bryan and Michelle, respectively.

We curse it to hell during commute hours, but any San Francisco photo shoot just isn’t complete without it. In 2009, Jeff and I couldn’t resist, either. We met in San Francisco and get all marshmallowy over neat stuff on public transit, so there you go.

Photo: Right Angle Images

Photo: Right Angle Images

Snuggle up on Muni (with permission from your snugglee, that is), and send us your photos and stories today. Why’s Muni your backdrop for more than getting to and fro?


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