E-Embarcadero Inches Closer to Reality

Muni is ready to resume testing its fabled E-Embarcadero route all the way down to Caltrain, as the city gets transit-ready for America’s Cup next year.

SFGate mentioned plans to get the resurrected streetcar route up and running in time for the 2013 event. But now SF State student journalists have confirmed plans for SFMTA to begin testing on the E this summer.

SFMTA confirmed the reports.

There’s no word yet where the stops will be. (For stop information, see Rick’s comment, below) According to Golden Gate Xpress News, an estimated $20-30 million will be spent on various transit projects to get the waterfront ready for throngs of boat-racing enthusiasts. Let’s hope it’s a win-win for visitors and locals alike.

Check out the Golden Gate Xpress for more.


  • Hi, the E-line will share F-line stops from the Ferry Building north, and T/N line stops from Folsom Street south to Caltrain. Those stops are already in place, as is the connecting track. They just have to schedule the streetcars and start up, whenever they’re ready.

  • If you look at the T/N stations along the Embarcadero, there are separate low-level side platforms with accessibility ramps at the south end of Folsom and Brannan station, the west end of 2nd and King station and the east end of the Caltrain station. Those were built about 8 years ago specifically for the future E-line.

  • @Jose, no, that’s not what they’re saying. They’re saying (and have been saying over and over in numerous news reports) that America’s Cup will bring a lot more people traversing the length of The Embarcadero — more than existing N/T and F service can handle. (Er, ever tried transferring onto the F at the Ferry Building now? Thought not.) That’s what the direct route is for.

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