Muni Art: Fast Pass, Oil on Wood

Muni rider Steven recently told us about Blair Bradshaw‘s rad Fast Pass art. I totally wanna see these in person.

We got in touch with Blair, who had this to say about his artwork:

I’m a huge fan of mass transportation no matter what city I’ve lived in — most of my work deals with systems (periodic table, language, transit, ZIP codes) and Muni is of course no exception. I started collecting Fast Pass cards six years ago (I think like a lot of people) because of their design, also knowing one day they would be obsolete. When I had enough to make a piece, I couldn’t figure out what to do. Nothing seemed great enough to sacrifice them. I decided to just paint the ones I liked the best based on color palette. I’ve done a couple that have been birth days/months of people as well.

Visit Blair’s site for more of his art. And don’t buy all the Fast Passes up before I get a chance.


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