It’s in the Stars on Muni

Photo: Confetti

In which an Aries tells it like it is (or like it should be) to a Leo on Muni. Color me initially skeptical, because “…it’s just that you have some really nice feet” rarely turns out well on the bus. @meganjelene sent this our way on the Twittersphere:

…”You’d be good with a Taurus guy.”

“Really? That’s crazy, both my parents are Taurus’ and they are the most stubborn people I know (well, other than me). I don’t think I’ve ever dated a Taurus.”

“Yeah,  Taurus or Sagittarius — another fire sign — ’cause they’d keep you entertained and going out to check out new things…” He then told me he was an Aries (another fire sign), although he didn’t recommend I’d be good with an Aries. 😉

His stop was before mine and he wished me a good night before pausing and deciding to ask me my name. I introduced myself and he told me his name was Lawrence and shook my hand. Along with his name, Lawrence gave me laughter, inspiration, the desire to look inward and a silly smirk I can’t wipe off my face.

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So it goes: do we put mean face on or should we let it be and see what happens? This balance-seeking Libra wrestles with that question every time she gets on a 49. Either way, we always tell people about the guy we met on Muni, as crushworthy or cringe as he may be. Tell us about your guy or gal on Muni today.

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