More Parking Meter Money for Muni?

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Streetsblog SF reports that SFMTA, the agency that oversees Muni and public parking in San Francisco, is leaning toward increasing the hours for parking meters into the evenings and introducing Sunday meters in parts of the city. This proposed revenue would ostensibly offset the need to increase Muni fares, according to its proponents.

The proposal was approved by the SFMTA board a few years ago, but opposition from then-Mayor Newsom pushed the idea off the table. Now it’s seeing a second life.

What do you think of the idea of increasing parking meter hours to cover Muni’s $19.6 million deficit over the next fiscal year? Will it work?

Lots more info over on Streetsblog’s post. Check it out.


  • Jeremy Whiteman via Facebook

    well for those of us who ride BART/MUNI downtown because of the already outrageous costs to park…why not?! might motivate MORE people to take public transit…

  • George Gong via Facebook

    I think those who choose public transportation will do so and those who drive likewise. Sadly there are a few modes of public transportation that does not provide direct service and many commuters need to transfer to several different modes to complete their trip. Hence the use of a car.

  • George Gong via Facebook

    Think about it though, even if you extend the time on parking meters, most public transporation systems minus MUNI don’t operate Owl service. Many like where I live is even cutting evening service. No options as is. Public transit has to be prioritized as a neccessity more and budgeted differently then it is now.

  • Susan

    Most days I take (or try to take!) Muni to/from work. A few days a month, when I have an appointment or meeting outside of the city late in the day, I’ve tried to take a cab home to get my car… yet the cabs in this town at 3-4:30pm don’t like to go from downtown to the richmond, as they are “changing shifts”…. thus further complicating my day! So now I drive… and pay the “early bird” rate of $23 to park from 8-3:30. Public Transit, and taxis, need to operate to serve the public, not to add hours to your day. Muni needs to keep looking within their organization to figure out how to balance the budget. Cutting payments to sfpd is a start! And don’t let all youth ride free….

  • D

    I agree with Susan!! MUNI as a cash cow for *other* agencies needs to STOP!! Oh, and Ed Lee needs to reconsider the automatic pay raise for drivers that we the VOTERS TURNED DOWN.

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