• FDW

    It has some ideas that I thought of myself, but I don’t like it because of the utter lack of infill stations on the existing system and excessive station spacing on the new segments.

  • Alai

    Lake/Funston? When there’s a Geary/12th station? That makes very little sense.

    • Roy

      If you could look more closely on the map there is a Geary/12th Station. The word Geary doesn’t have enough space to fit but it’s on the blue line

      • Alai

        I saw it– my point was that Lake & Funston is a pretty strange location for a station. There isn’t even a bus line on Lake, because it would make no sense. Putting a subway there makes even less sense.

        Geary/12th is logical, or better yet, a station that has entrances on both sides of Park Presidio Blvd.

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