Muni bus strikes pedestrian who later dies

We received word this morning via Twitter that a pedestrian had been struck by a bus near Alamo Square:

21 Hayes is going to be rerouted for a bit. Driver hit a ped betw Web. and Fill. Emergency crews on scene. Hope ped is ok. — @KaiKronfield

Now the Examiner has reported that the pedestrian has died from his injuries. We’ll update if we hear more news about this tragic incident.


  • Dexter Wong

    Streetsblog San Francisco has already noted that the national media is paying more attention to the transit fatality than a pedestrian accident at Lombard and Van Ness. They wonder if its a car-centric bias on their part.

  • It’s just “man bites dog,” Dexter. People get hit by cars all the time; it’s rarely even local news unless they die or are a small child. Getting hit by a bus is more unusual, and therefore more newsworthy.

    • Dexter Wong

      Because people getting hit by cars occurs so often it seems normal to people (maybe that’s the problem), while when a bus hits a person then people think back to the last time they were on a bus (good or bad) and make judgements on that.

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