Poll: Take Muni to Giants Games?

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Thwack! Baseball returns to AT&T Park beginning tomorrow (PDF) beginning Monday. The Giants host the Oakland A’s in the first of three exhibition games in the Bay Area this week. Which means it’s time for SFMTA to remind riders to take Muni to Giants games.

Some of you are surely saying, “Yeah, riiiiiiight.” Others of you are all, “EFF YEAH BASEBALL!”

So, Giants fans, we want to know:

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  • Sarah M

    Oh yes, I always take MUNI. It’s crowded, but it beats fighting traffic and paying for parking. It helps that there is a N/K/T stop right next to the park.

    Also, after a Giants win, MUNI trains have great energy.

    • Jerold


      And most people get off at Embarcadero anyway so I can bare the crowds for a few minutes. And plus if you’re a regular Muni rider, these crowds are nothing.

  • Leslie N.

    Luckily I can walk from my office, but will take Muni home after the game

  • Monty

    I usually ride my bike to games.

  • Mugato3000

    Don’t take Muni! It’s awful! Drive, walk, crawl, do anything but…

    …so all of us that commute home outbound through the Embarcadaro Station everyday won’t have to deal with the masses of suburban morons.

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