• Sam Foster

    Thanks Solano and San Mateo Counties for voting it down. 🙁

  • Tracy

    True bummer that it didn’t happen as envisioned. Could you imagine being able to take bart to napa?

  • johnny

    Or, how to vs. how not to….
    hey at least we got 1 out of 7 bay crossings done! haha… that sj still isn’t connected is a tragedy.

  • Dexter Wong

    Considering all that has happened over the years since they decided to build BART, it’s good they got around to building the system they had built. Things could have been much worse. In Honolulu they’re still arguing over whether a rail system is needed (even as they start to build) and should they have BART-style cars, Muni Metro-style cars, buses or nothing. Can you believe it?

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