Muni Skull Antenna

Stated plainly, @KdotCdot says, “The thing about SF is that when you see someone wearing a tinfoil hat on Muni, they might be doing so without irony.”

Also, is the hat on dude’s lap a substitute, or is it worn over the Reynolds wrap?


  • jack

    saw that guy handing out flyers at embarcadero station during rush hour. his tinfoil hat successfully parted the sea of people.

  • who_the

    Same guy?

    P.S. My favorite YouTube ever. Severely underwatched.

  • Maxi Slate

    This guy is crazy. My first encounter with this guy happened when he ran all the way from the 2nd car to the lead active cab, yelling at me for no apparent reason. He told me not to do that thing ever again. Confused on what he said, I didn’t say anything and resumed service.

    Second encounter, he stared at me with a straight face. Tried to acknowledge him with a nod, nothing. I don’t know what’s with that guy. I don’t trust him. He rides the M-Ocean View and gets on/off at Broad & Plymouth.

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