Free Muni for Low-Income Kids Passes SFMTA Board

Photo by idealisms

According to reports from Tuesday’s SFMTA board meeting, something like free Muni for kids has made it onto the budget for the next couple of years.

The board favored a free youth pass program for low-income students, but members weren’t convinced that expanding the proposal to include anyone under 17 would be worth the trade-offs in cuts to Muni maintenance that staff presented to the board — at least in this budget cycle.

The two-year budget must now be approved by the Board of Supervisors before going into effect. Read Streetsblog SF for more.


  • CopperJet

    No. It is not fair. If SFSD is not going to provide buses, then all schoolchildren who need to take MUNI to get to school should ride for free to/from school.

  • leohidalgo

    If SFSD isn’t going to provide busses for students, they should at least cover the costs for them to ride muni.

  • D

    Great, just great. Since the idea of providing MUNI drivers who don’t show up to work “life counselors” didn’t go through we get this brilliant idea.

    “Hey MUNI is in desperate need of more money let’s make it FREE for kids who get on the back door anyway and create a system that’s going to be impossible to enforce anyway!”

    Soooo typical.

    SFMTA + BoS you are MORONS!!!

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