NYC Subway-Riding Goat Steals the Show

Photo: Allison Joyce for Reuters

You have go(a)t to be kidding me.

Appropriately, our friends at Tiny Rides sent us this New York City Subway-riding goat, Cocoa. Cocoa (!) loves people, and she can’t sleep at night unless owner and Joisey resident Cyrus Fakroddin is in eyeshot. In a Reuters photo shoot by Allison Joyce, Cocoa is doing everything from hanging in Central Park to catching the C train from Columbus Circle. What a polite-seeming passenger, no? Check out Cocoa’s adventures on Buzzfeed.

Muni has its share of cute animals on the bus, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen a goat. Unless you have? Send us any and all cute Muni cargo today.


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