Transit News: BART surplus, Muni communications upgrade, AC Transit “Made in the USA”

Photo by grace1171

  • BART budget surplus boosts plans for future (SF Examiner)
  • Switchback setbacks reduced on Muni lines (SF Examiner)
  • Push made for ‘Made in America’ transit vehicles (CC Times)
  • Taking the train to the Transbay Terminal (City Insider)
  • Muni board to approve upgrading communications system (SF Examiner)
  • BART worker may lose job over act of ‘benevolence’ (SFGate)
  • Bill bars cell service shutdown by public agencies (SFGate)

One comment

  • Sam Foster

    “Muni board to approve upgrading communications system”

    Oh good, maybe they can make the “if you see graffiti in progress…” announcements even LOUDER

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