Don’t Be an Effin’ A-hole on Muni!

Yes, yes, yes, 100 times yes.

Humorist Streeter Seidell posted this on his website yesterday, and I think Muni should hire him to make similar ones in San Francisco. He describes his project simply:

I’d like to launch an awareness campaign aimed at rude New Yorkers, written in a style they’ll understand, so that one day, maybe, they won’t be quite so shitty.

Among the offenders called out:

  • Skateboarders on the platform.
  • People who lean on the poles so others can’t hold on.
  • The very-special bag that gets its own seat.

I’d say we need something about step down/back door, but if the LARGE RED LETTERS already on the doors don’t work, well…

What are your suggestions for not being a fucking asshole on San Francisco public transit?


  • Tired

    We’d need it in Mandarin… those little old ladies are RUDE.

    • Dexter Wong

      The little old ladies I know speak Cantonese, but written Chinese is the same for all Chinese speakers, Mandarin and Cantonese alike.

  • Susan

    I was in Rome, Italy last week & took the Metro a couple of times… exactly the same problem there! They did have very nice newer metro trains (similar to BART) that were open all the way thru and had extra center poles with 4 angled bars on them to make it easier to hang on.

    The city busses also have doors at the front, middle and back, making for easier boarding/exiting.

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