More Muni Service Proposal Workshops

Photo by davitydave

Streetsblog SF reports that Muni’s Transit Effectiveness Proposal (TEP) is now available in detail on SFMTA’s website.

According to Streetsblog, outreach meetings haven’t exactly gone according to plan.

A recent workshop on the 14 and 22 lines in the Mission was derailed by a small but vocal group who dominated the discussion with unrelated complaints, according to reports from some who attended. To help provide a more balanced and constructive conversation at future workshops, riders eager to see more reliable Muni service on these corridors must be well represented.

Wait. You’re saying that a Muni-related discussion was dominated by unrelated complaints? What city are we in, again?

Anyway, SFMTA will be holding five more TEP workshops, for the 28-19th Avenue, 30-Stockton, 8x-Bayshore Express, 14-Mission, 5-Fulton, and 22-Fillmore. Check SFMTA’s website for the schedule. And if you ride one of these lines, let your concerns be heard. And try to stay on target with your complaints.

Details of TEP can also be found on SFMTA’s site.

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