Urban Camo Man Takes Muni

Yesterday was a rough one on Muni. A man whose leg was cut off in a collision with Muni at Civic Center later died from injuries. A system shutdown ensued, and delays rippled throughout the day.

On the other hand, there was this guy and his four-leggers. As @girlinchucks says, “So, um, there is a man on the F Market dressed up like his dogs. What an eff’d up day for Muni. Just sayin’.”


  • fermata

    … and neither looks like a service dog…

  • D

    I’ve seen that guy performing with his dogs down at Fisherman’s Wharf.

    I can also testify that he is not disabled and his dogs are NOT service animals at all.

  • yomama

    Then why the heck do the drivers let these guys on. The other day a man gets on the F with his dog, he has leash on but could the guy hold the leash? No, clueless. The driver of course kept looking back at the dog but didn’t say word. C’mon show some authority here.

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