Have You Seen: Queue Stickers for Muni Buses?

@hellajenny posted this on Twitter the other day, correctly noting, “Well, that’s new.”

I sorta like it. It makes the bus look friendly (WHATEVER, IT DOES), and maybe it’ll encourage queuing/not bum-rushing to get on the vehicle first.

Though, I would miss the guessing game where you try to stand nearest to where the doors will open, then silently (or loudly, we won’t judge) celebrate your hitting the mark.

Have you seen these around town? Do they work? We’ll leave “work” up to individual interpretation.


  • steve

    robot baby with a snaggletooth.

  • Giant robots are eating Muni drivers

  • Daph E. Crane via Facebook

    Haven’t seen them yet, now if only we could get the feet arrows so people can line up so as to not block foot traffic…

  • Kristin

    They have this at basically every civilized and efficient city with public transportation I’ve ever seen.. so that explains why we’re just now getting around to it, I guess.

  • Henry Mensch via Facebook

    they just show the bus drivers where to aim …

  • Montira Warran via Facebook

    Even if all the queues do is show the bus drivers where to aim, that’s still somewhat helpful. At least we have an idea of where the buses may actually stop. My hopes end there. Foot arrows will not work in Chinatown. The people will still trample each other trying to get on any bus as if it’s the only one going through here all day long.

  • Don’t know if it makes MUNI friendlier but it is cute and worthy of Instagramming if I ever come across one. What we do need is some way to keep people from rushing on to the bus before people can get off. Is this possible? A gate? An electric fence? A magnetic patch on the sidewalk that keeps people into place until the driver pushes a button?

    • Dexter Wong

      Do you want platform doors (like on some subway stations)to keep people from rushing the door? On one small subway system, people need to wait behind transparent walls and closed platform doors until people get off the car and head for the exit before the doors open and let them board the subway car.

  • Susan

    I’d love to see these for the drivers to aim at… since many seem to like to play the “let me stop the furthest from where people are waiting” game!

    I regularly take the 1ax or 1bx…. and sometimes the 30x. In the afternoons, every express bus has neat, orderly queues – EXCEPT for the 30X which is basically a rugby scrum to get on the bus!!!

  • martin

    This is robot baby with a snaggletooth as Tara and Steve said and I have seen this on different stops to show people that the bus will come there.

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