Drawn on Muni

Victor had an unusual ride on Muni recently.

I was coming home one afternoon and I sat near the front of the bus. It was less crowded. It was less stinky. A few older people sat around me … and a kid. I say kid because I’m old now and anyone under thirty seems like a kid. The kid appeared to be in his early twenties. Skinny. Nerdy glasses. T-shirt. Jeans. Muni rider #567890. I suppose that’s why I hardly noticed him. He didn’t make much eye contact with me and I didn’t with him either. We were on the bus together for maybe seven minutes.

My stop arrived. I got up and stepped down the backdoor stairs. Suddenly, I felt a hand grabbing my shoulder pulling me back. In a quick “WTF!” reaction, I spun around and saw the Asian kid standing above me holding a piece of paper. He didn’t say anything. He just moved the paper closer to me and slightly cocked his head down.

Read the conclusion to Victor’s story on his website.

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