Riding Muni with Skippy the Iguana

This iguana is the city’s most famous reptilian Muni customer. He’s even made national news! If you’re not acquainted with Skippy the Iguana, you should be. He’s a full-on service animal for Cosmie Silfa, pictured.

From a 2011 Wall Street Journal (for real) report:

“He cradles him like a baby, a big scary baby,” says Roy Mair, who works the front desk of the subsidized housing unit where Mr. Silfa lives. Mr. Silfa says what qualifies Skippy as a service animal is a letter from the psychiatrist who has been treating Mr. Silfa for depression. The letter says Skippy “helps him to maintain a stable mood.”

Rider @faernworks posted this great photo of Skippy and his main dude.

I would love to meet Skippy someday myself, if he’s not too busy being bigtime. He seems like a real gem, and he’s welcome on my Muni any day of the week.

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