John Waters: ‘You Meet All the Interesting People’ on Muni

Photo: John Waters and Peaches Christ in San Francisco, by butterforfilm.

John Waters is occasionally (and awesomely) spotted on Muni. One time, in fact, he told us he’d love to be John Waters, Muni spokesman. That very story was one of our 100 Days, 100 Muni Stories centennial favorites. Lo and behold, commenter Turner ran into him in May on the 49-Van Ness after we reposted that story. He says:

I ran into Mr. Waters on the 49 last week — he was very polite and seemed kind of tickled that he got recognized by someone who was polite enough not to hassle him. I actually expressed surprise that I ran into him on the bus and his response was (roughly — I’m afraid I didn’t take notes) ‘I LOVE the bus! You meet all the interesting people on the bus.‘ I’d love to see him as the spokesman of Muni — or as the voice of Muni.

There’s some more incentive in case you need it, Mr. Waters. We’re behind you 100-percent.


  • Waters could make a movie: “You Can’t Get Off Until You’re Cured: Cheap Rehab on a Monthly Muni Pass.”

    Getting off topic:

    Are we ready yet for an animated cartoon program Saturday mornings starring The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence?

    I just can’t get the notion out of my head– especially with the sound effects, spinning legs when running away from monsters, and visits from the “real” Sisters at the end of the program to tell the kiddies to tune in “next week.”

    Hmm. John Waters presents the Sisters….

    Best wishes

  • Postscript, the BIG inter-agency PR Campaign (suitably unveiled by Mayor Ed “Bristlebrush” Lee):

    San Francisco is Not Baltimore. Repeat. NOT Baltimore.

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