Old Muni Tokens Wanted for SF Wedding

Photo by joe.moore

Back in late 2010, we posted about Muni tokens at Muni Time Capsule. Last month, Samantha commented asking if anyone knows where to get them. She has a friend who wants them for their wedding.

So help a sister out: Does anyone know where to get old Muni tokens in large quantities? If so, comment away!


  • E

    Ebay. Also people get them when they come out of general hospital.

  • John L Sullivan via Facebook

    controllers office?

  • Allyson Eddy Bravmann via Facebook

    We have a few but my husband’s not likely to part with them — you can still use them as fare.

  • Charlene

    I just bought 370 of them for work (I work with college students and we’re taking them on a field trip). The bad news is that they will only sell them to nonprofits. The hush hush is that they just asked what institution I was with and did not require any id. That being said, send an email to revenue.sales@sfmta.com and good luck.

  • Sophia

    Hey, everyone. My BFF is getting married and wanted muni transfers from the day that she and her hubby met. Do you know if they also sell/give out old muni transfers or just the tokens?


  • Jesus

    Igot 398 of them if u stil want them

    Let me know iam tryna sell em all2$ each

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