Australian transit “ads” we could use for Muni and BART

I hate to be the one to say this isn’t a real transit ad, but this isn’t a real transit ad. It should be, yes, but it’s not.

Patricia called our attention to these brutally honest parody ads via Happy Place. The ads explain how you can easily not be an asshole on Down Undah’s Queensland Rail. They’re meant to mock the exceedingly polite — and accidentally passive-aggressive, right? — Queensland Rail etiquette tips. Have a look at what Happy Place describes as, “…five examples that much more closely resemble our subway experiences, plus or minus a few breast-gropers and/or gibberish-spouting homeless women.”

My favorite Bay Area transit etiquette rules: “Don’t give your giant Styrofoam its own seat on crowded trains,” “BART isn’t your living room, mister,” and “It’s impolite to take up extra bus seats and flip people off.”

What are yours?

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