Muni boarding and fare changes start Sunday

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Yep, July is right around the corner, folks. For Muni, that means two changes are about to take place: All-door boarding on all Muni vehicles and a slight fare increase for most passes.

The SFMTA website has details on both changes.

Under all all-door boarding, customers with valid prepaid Proof of Payment may enter through any door of any Muni bus or streetcar. — SFMTA

The fare increase affects passes only, not the fare for individual rides.

Muni passes increase in price effective with the July 2012 passes. Muni single-ride fares and Passports are not increasing at this time. — SFMTA


  • patricia

    pardon me while I vent
    The Giants game just finished and the streets and Muni platforms are swarming with people. SFMTA just tweeted that a “signal maintenance issue” is slowing traffic along the T line at 4th & King. This is Muni code for “we can’t figure out how to handle all these extra people even though we’ve had 10 years to figure it out since the original Pac Bell Park opened.”
    WHY does Muni ALWAYS get f’ed up when there are Giants home games? The ballpark is beautiful, the fans are enthusiastic, the scenery is breathtaking… and then your whole day is ruined because you can’t get the hell out of dodge.

  • Carlita de Ciarrai via Facebook

    i am amazed by muni’s inability to come up with a better plan, why don’t they install those turnstiles on the buses. I’ve seen those in Rio and nobody gets on without paying. It really irks me to see people get on and not pay…and now even more no doubt, while the ineffective inspectors pop up from time to time usually in pairs or groups of ????…..are they scared to be by themselves……..

    • Evan

      That’s just silly. I have a monthly pass — why should I have to stop and hold everyone up to tap in? What purpose does that serve? I definitely prefer this approach. Just open all the doors, and leave it up to people to take care of themselves. And beef up enforcement to punish the freeriders.

    • jesse james

      I often board through the backdoor with a valid transfer in my pocket and feel the red hot eyes of scorn from certain riders who think I’m avoiding paying. Dial down the red hot eyes! Some of us paid!

  • Mike Gomez via Facebook

    back door!!! you have to be excited for that one

  • Get rid of the Clipper discount (25 cents/ride). Possibly charge even infants the student fare on AT&T Park & Candlestick Park shuttles

    • What discount? The only way passengers get a discount when riding Muni is through an interagency agreement, such as transferring from BART to Muni.

  • Ellen Campbell via Facebook

    Back door?!? You mean I’ve been a middle-aged scofflaw for the past few years? Cooooool.

  • Evan

    I’ve taken Muni from the ballpark after games at least a dozen times in the last year or two. Never had any problems, nor have I had to wait more than 2-3 minutes for a train.

    • patricia

      I’m glad you’ve had a good experience, Evan. I work directly across the street, so I take Muni to and from the ballpark every single day. And let me tell you, the odds are not on my side. Just when you think you’ve lucked out and only had to wait 2-3 minutes for the train to arrive, you end up sitting inside the unmoving vehicle for another 15 mindless minutes before even reaching the tunnel.

  • @Carlita: Muni has decided that allowing all-door boarding will speed up boarding in general. If you speed up a line enough, you need fewer vehicles to maintain the same headway. That saves a bunch of money, presumably more than they’d lose from people not paying.

  • Montira Warran via Facebook

    Good old SFMTA…they’ve finally gotten it together.

  • Vince

    I’m glad we can board on all doors now but SFMTA is going to get ripped off even more by all the people who skip out on paying.

  • yomama

    And this is new? I and swarms of other people have been doing this for months now..Gotta love Muni, they try but never seem to get it right.

  • BMack

    Not being a regular Muni rider, I tried to buy a ticket for Muni (N-Judah) at 4th and King after getting off of CalTrain. The signs at the Muni stop said there were ticket machines at the bottom of the station ramps. I walked up and down the platform and didn’t see any ticket machines. So with cash in hand, I boarded the next train, not knowing then that I couldn’t buy a ticket unless I had gotten on the first car. So with no where/one to pay buy a ticket from, I got off at Embarcadero and as luck would have it, was pulled aside by a fare inspector and fined $100! Ugh. If the all-door-boarding policy is now in effect, I hope Muni will work on some better signage to explain to visitors and newcomers like me how we can pay if there’s no place to buy tickets on the platform.

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