Cellphones: “They Make People Do … Crazy Shit”

Photo by ejbSF

Oh, the stranger on the bus who talks to you. Here’s hispteraquaman’s story:

This woman gets on wearing a skimpy sundress and that’s it. No bra which is whatever, but also no shoes which is a little more bizarre. She sees me playing a game on my cell phone and asks me if I like old games, and we talk about how Duck Hunt was cool with little interludes where she talks to someone who isn’t there, which is pretty much the best crazy person conversation one can hope for.

Hipsteraquaman then quotes the shoeless woman:

Man, I hate cell phones. A while back I had four different phones, all good brands that I got from guys I partied with. And I was working that night and I have my bag in the John’s car when he’s like “do you have any condoms?” and I’m like “no,” so he gives me a few dollars to go get some at the corner store.

When I got back, he was fuckin’ gone with all four of my phones! I hate cell phones; they make people do fuckin’ crazy shit.

Well, ain’t that the truth? We only hope that this story was uploaded to tumblr via phone.

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  • Rob

    Indeed they do. Standing at the corner of Pine and Battery the other day, waiting for the light. The woman standing next to me is on her phone. She suddenly throws it on the ground, shattering it into several pieces, which all ricochet off passerbys’ legs. She shrugs her shoulders and begins to walk towards the phone guts. Instead of collecting them, she locks on to a guy who is stepping up onto the curb from the other side of Pine. He’s got headphones in and is looking down at his phone. She hauls off and takes a swing at him. He sees it just in time and she misses by a hair. She looks back at him with the same indifferent shoulder shrug. She then picks up the pieces of her phone, walks another block, and enters the Verizon store. Everyone goes about their day.

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