Don’t F with Mr. Muni

He must have brass balls. Cuz when he ain’t slingin’ you chumps around town, he’s straight pimpin’ this ride. And he’ll park on the curb if he damn well please.

Mun!4Lyfe, or something.

Via @kahncious


  • Alexis G.

    Does that license plate holder say “SF MTA”? There’s not much to go on but from the looks of it, he’s parked on(curb of)South Van Ness almost in front of MTA Customer Service Center. Sheesh ….

    • Thanks for the post and retweet Muni Diaries.

      Alex, when I tweeted this pic originally ( I said: “Mr Muni” license plate w SFMTA frame on an H2 Hummer. Ironic and hilarious to me in a fuelish way.

      You were very close about the location. The Hummer was parked on 16th just east of Folsom. Now looking at Google maps that is right outside the SF Muni Flynn Division – I didn’t know that was a Muni location!

      The only silver lining is that the sidewalk is wide at this location so it was good that he parked on the curb a bit so he did not stick out into the lane that would make it more dangerous for cars and bicyclists.

      It would be very interesting to learn about the owner of this vehicle and what he or she is trying to say.

      The most self deprecating H2 license plate I have photographed was in Mountain View, that read “01 MPG”!!!

  • Allyson Eddy Bravmann via Facebook

    Brass balls indeed. Someone’s well paid.

  • Casey U

    Does anyone else find it ironic that “Mr. Muni” is driving an H2?

    • Alexis G.

      Well yeah Casey – that would be the reason the photo and caption are here, right? You thought maybe only you caught the paradox and the story was about a big car parked on the curb?

  • yo

    muni = munay = muney = money

    nerds 😛


  • yo

    would u rather he stick out into the bicycle lane?

    are you guys jealous that govt workers are the last general skills classification w/ almost upper middle class wages? not that i’m not 😉

  • yo

    final word. SUVs were built for insecure and vain people. ask the automotive market research guys.

  • D

    Hey ‘Mr. MUNI’ does your vehicle smell like old piss? Is the inside covered with graffiti and mysterious stains?

    Is it held together with trash bags, duct tape, and wire?

    I’ll bet you havent’ set foot on a bus or LRV in decades you obnoxious prick.

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