Back-Door Off-Boarding on Muni

All the talk is deservedly about all-door boarding on Muni, which kicked into gear just yesterday (or 100 years ago, depending on whom you ask).

However, we discovered this wonderful depiction of Muni egress from citybythebaylife on Tumblr*:

“When Someone Yells “Back Door” & Doesn’t Step Down”


*This also allows us to post a GIF on Muni Diaries, which, rad.

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  • D

    Notice how there’s been loads of media coverage of this ‘event’ while little to none about the fare increase?

    Riders have been doing this for several *years* and the rides are still slow. How the fuck is making it ‘official’ going to make it any faster?

    SFMTA can pucker up and KISS MY ASS!!

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