SF Examiner: Monday protest might disrupt Muni service

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The Examiner today brings us news that several Muni protests planned for Monday could disrupt service. From the Examiner:

Event organizers have targeted the intersection of Third Street and Palou Avenue in the Bayview district as the gathering point for the protest, which calls for all Muni lines to be shut down. The T-Third Street light-rail line and the 54-Felton, 44-O’Shaughnessy, 24-Divisadero and 23-Monterey bus lines all pass through the intersection.

Muni says it is bracing for disruptions.

Kristen Holland, a Muni spokeswoman, said the agency is aware of the planned protest, and is taking the necessary steps to ensure that service runs as smoothly as possible. She did not discuss specifics of the agency’s strategies, saying that those details could aid the protestors.

It’s unclear who is organizing the protest, and when it might start. Read the Examiner post for more information.

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  • Sonny G

    Why is SFPD allowing this to happen to the real working folks that ride Muni. So let me get this right, the handfull of protestors who are not working have more rights than the people who actually work? Come on SFPD this is not right. I guess the needs of the few out weigh the needs of the many. I must point out that this is a major safety issue.If the trains stop in the subway people will want to get out and may open the saftey doors and walk on the cat walk. But I guess thats ok as long as the babys that protest get their way. Come on SFPD.

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