Rats on NYC Subway OMG!

Photo by Delusion Productions

If you thought finding an unidentified substance on a Muni seat was disgusting, consider the apparently worsening rat problems on the New York City Subway.

According to Huffington Post, a rider was taken to the hospital after getting scratched by a rat on the subway platform. Then there was the woman who was forced to drop trou on a crowded subway car when a rat ran up her her leg.

Makes you appreciate the …  uh … comforts of home, doesn’t it?


  • Erik

    If you think there aren’t rats in the Muni tunnels then you are crazy. I saw one jogging down a mid-Market gutter onee in broad daylight.

  • Dexter Wong

    I’ve seen rats in the city, I’ve even seen a rat running along the track at Powell St. station, but I’ve never seen a rat on a Muni vehicle.

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