Muni Transformers Seek Mission District Tacos

Oh, look: a decidedly Mission District set of Transformer-like beings. Note the distinctive Muni palette.

Lohkay found this on a T-shirt last month at (we think) the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market last month. Per Lohkay’s Tumblr:

The dude at the stall said he made all the t-shirts, but when we commented that it was Transformers he said he didn’t know what those were he just wanted to make a cool shirt. Could be honest or could’ve just found the art online — EITHER WAY I just wanna know if anyone has any information on who is the original artist for this badass t-shirt.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Muni Transformer — AKA Muniformer. They are obviously hiding among us waiting to battle Munitron, and I am 100-percent sticking to that story, yep.

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