About BART’s poop-covered escalators

Photo by Jeremy Brooks

On Wednesday, SFGate ran a story about human waste being the cause of so many broken escalators at downtown San Francisco’s BART stations. You might want to wait to eat breakfast until well after reading this story.

The most vomit-inducing passage:

All those biological excretions can gum up the wheels and gears of BART’s escalators, shutting them down for long periods of extended repairs, increasing station cleaning costs and creating an unpleasant aroma for morning commuters.

Read on, if your stomach will allow.


  • Susan

    perhaps the BART police department, and SFPD, could do a better job of policing the stations and even, heaven forbid, closing them off at night when the muni & bart trains are not running? Why do the people who pay for transit have to pay the costs & the pain of not having working escalators, because the City won’t take action against the homeless?

  • Oh no the SF homeless once again !

  • Dexter Wong

    Gee, I wonder if other transit systems have this problem?

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