“My mother’s most memorable Muni story”

Photo by foggydave

100 Muni StoriesNot many (most?) of us can say that their mother took them around town on Muni when they were kids. Not so for one of our favorite Muni Diaries commenters, Dexter Wong. Take it away, Dexter:

My mother’s most memorable Muni story is that she was taking me to the doctor on the old B Geary streetcar (I was still a baby.) As we neared our stop, she picked me up (I was wrapped in a blanket) and walked toward the open door. A gust of wind came through it and blew the blanket open, revealing I was barefoot. An old lady noticed me and said loudly, “That baby must be cold!” My mother then covered me back up and got off, saying nothing, but feeling quite embarrassed.

Sweet stuff.

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  • Dexter Wong

    Nice picture, but I believe that the streetcar my mother was riding was probably one of the older boxy cars popularly know as “Iron Monsters.” (Now PCCs did occasionally run on the B Line, but they did not run regularly during the weekday.)

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