LomographySF Facebook Contest: Win a 110 Fisheye Camera!

Accidental triptych by Yours Truly

Remember our Muni-themed workshop with LomographySF? We got the photos back from that super-fun day, meaning it is officially contest time. Workshop attendees are competing for the title of best photo, and it’s up to all y’alls to pick the winner.

Head over to the Muni Diaries Facebook Page (like us if you haven’t already!) to vote. To vote, be sure to like an individual photo, not the album. Which album? This album of lovely Lomo pics. I mean, you can like the album — and why wouldn’t you — but that doesn’t count as a vote, FYI.

The photo with the most likes wins: a 110 Fisheye Lomo camera and a roll of 110 film!

Well, I’m jealous, because that camera is flippin’ adorable. And it’s perfect for toting around town and taking more of those subtle street shots we know and love here at Muni Diaries.

Voting is open from now until midnight on this Friday, August 17th.

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