Video: How to Drive a Bus in the Bay Area

Holy MF awesome! Our own Animals and Other Cities editor, Amy, brings us the find of the decade. It’s educational footage from the early 1980s that walks Bay Area transit drivers through the various shenanigans that happen on any given route. Among them:

  • Entitled old ladies who ain’t paying
  • Boom-box blaring teenagers (if you ask nicely, they’ll turn it off)
  • Teens who light paper fires in the back of the bus
  • Drunk dudes trying to board the bus, bottle in hand
  • Crazy lady who doesn’t want a ride, just wants to show off her fashion finds
  • Dudes fighting because one tripped the other
  • Olive Oyl and the purse-snatcher
  • Creepy dude who pre-rapes bus-driving lady

You know, the everyday stuff. And the soundtrack [exclamation point]


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