“Muni: Crazy people shitting their pants”

Definitely on our list of worst Muni stories: people popping zits on the bus. By messtiza

Last month on Reddit, a thread opened asking for people’s worst Muni stories. It’s kind of what you’d expect: shit, vomit, crazy person, vomit, shit in pants, shit on seat, piss in pants, refrain.

And, of course, the occasional old guy who touches a young lady’s leg and jerks off.

A few of favorites include:

Sat down on a seat covered in shit (hopefully it was from an animal) at the Mission and 4th stop. If you saw a guy washing his pants in the Metreon bathroom, that was me. — foofy


Woman carrying a big stack of eggs/crates. Hundreds of eggs. Leaning tower of Pisa style. She’s trying to keep this shit level, but it doesn’t work. It tips and eggs go all over the place. (38 Geary) — firebelly

Read the entire entertaining thread on Reddit for yourself. Maybe grab a barf bag first?

A few of our favorite Muni Diaries horror stories include No. 2 on the 22, Letting out at Sacramento and Fillmore, and A misfired projectile in Tiffany’s airspace

What’s your worst Muni story?


  • Dexter Wong

    Why encourage people who want to find the worst in public transit? It just makes them want to hate public transit more.

  • yuppie with eyephoni

    I saw some insane drugged out homeless crackhead on the 71 bite off his own fungus infected toenails bit by bit.

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