Ding-da-ding-ding: Cable Car Bell-Ringing Contest Thursday (update)

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Update (Friday, 7:45 a.m.): SFGate has the results: Reigning champ Leonard Oats lost in a tie-breaker to Trini Whittaker. Congrats!

Original: Today in Union Square, Muni will host the 49th annual Cable Car Bell-Ringing Contest. The pro-am competition will take place at noon.

Cable car gripmen and conductors “will face-off for the chance to take home the title of World Champion Cable Car Bell Ringer. Defending champion Leonard Oats will compete against six challengers. The 2012 bell ringing finalists are Charles Mondy, Ken Lunardi, Romarr Pitcher, Trini Whittaker, Singh B. Rai and Jorge Lacayo.” Also, Romarr Pitcher could’ve been the baddest-ass baseball player ever if the cable car gig didn’t work out.


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