To Muni-Bubble or Not to Muni-Bubble?

Aw, such an adorable message, innit?

May Be
Its Time To Take Thoes
Things Out of Our Ears
Look Up From Our
{By The Way Its Givin People
Double Chins}
Say Helloo To The
Person Next To
What DO You Think?

[sic the whole damn thing]

If I had to guess, I’d say that Muni riders are pretty evenly split on whether to hide themselves away from fellow passengers. We don’t so much do the 100-yard stare as just immerse ourselves in music, podcasts, reading, porn, whatever. About half of us do, anyway. 48-52, if I had to guess.

How do you ride Muni?

Via Tweets From the T.


  • I ride both ways. The earbuds are a way to signal that I am inwardly focused. Some days I use my commute to ready myself for the work coming up that day, I meditate or do visualizations. Other days/times I am open to talking, especially with people I recognize on my daily rides.

  • I’m so glad to see this. ‘Bout time someone put the writing on the wall.

    I go through phases, and for the past few months I haven’t put those things in my ears. To me, though, there’s a big difference between the earbud people and the downwardly-gazing people. As long as I can make eye contact, I still feel like a human.

    Ever tried making eye contact with a iPhone-ing cutie? It feels pretty desperate. What is technology going to do to the world of flirtation? I’m afraid lotsa connections are being missed.

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