As things unfolded on Muni one day …

Photo by stevendamron

Just your average ride on the bus, as chronicled by @kudeki:

“Crazy guy gets on muni, refuses to pay. Bus driver stops the bus and says we ain’t goin nowhere til you pay. Guy curses at bus driver.” – 11:58 AM

“Guy stands over bus driver, threateningly, yelling that he’s been in this town 20 yrs and driver is the dumbest dumbfuck he’s ever seen.” – 11:59 AM

“Driver waves something in guy’s face, yells “get out”. Guy stands on steps, driver opens and closes doors on him, yell at each other more.” – 12:03 PM

“Doors close on guy, he picks up a half full anchor steam from a now-empty outdoor table at bougie pac-heights cafe. Walks away cursing.” – 12:07 PM

“Entire bus starts laughing. Hipster girl in big sunglasses, red flannel shirt and matching iphone case, says ‘This is why I love Muni.'” – 12:11 PM

And the grande finale!

“Several stops later, still in wealthy neighborhood, different crazy hobo type gets on bus, chanting ‘money talks, money talks.’ He pays tho.” – 12:15 PM

We’re guessing this ride was on the 22-Fillmore. What do you think? Had to be, right?


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