• When a train has a cold they give it “Hump C”!

  • D

    Is that anything like Hepatitus C?

    Hold me, I’m scared….

  • Octoferret

    Serious answer: The ramp in front of the Transbay Terminal where the Muni buses stopped was called the ‘Muni Hump’

  • Dexter Wong

    Where was that picture taken? That might help explain it.

  • A Vuncular

    “Hump” is a railroad term for a slight hill in a freight-switching yard. An engine pushes a car or group of cars up to the hump, and when it’s confirmed that the track switches have been set correctly, over the hump. From there, the car(s) roll(s) down through the appropriate switches towards the train that’s being assembled to take them to their next destination. This process usually is just for freight cars, because passenger trains usually run as fixed “sets” of cars for any given run.
    Remember, Muni is the S.F. Municipal Railway and has a rail heritage.

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