Bus Advertising That Stinks

Talk about a captive audience. Dunkin’ Donuts has launched a unique olfactory ad campaign on buses in South Korea, spritzing morning commuters with smell of coffee. The campaign uses air freshener-like devices that squirt the coffee aroma when activated by a jingle in Dunkin’ Donuts radio ads that play on the buses. The ads are timed to air right before you roll up to a bus stop with Dunkin’ Donut ads and a Dunkin’ Donut shop located conveniently across the street.

The company says it has seen a 16 percent increase in visits to its stores. I guess the smell of coffee beats lots of other possible smells on the bus. What do you think of the ad campaign? Too creepy or kind of cool?

via Huffington Post

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  • Anne Marie

    Didn’t they try something like that in SF a few years ago, but with chocolate? Seems there were so many allergy complaints they took it down in a day or 2.

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