Neato: Stylin’ Golden Gate Bridge Clipper Card Now Available

It pays to wait on buying some things, as we can see right here. That’s right, everyone, this is a designer Clipper card. My friend and Muni Diaries Live photog, Kevin, just got this in the mail, and I hate him for it.

Go ahead and lament your boring blue one now.

Anyway, this special Clipper card is on sale now to commemorate the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th anniversary year. You can get one at the Golden Gate Customer Service Center in the San Rafael Transit Center, or you can buy one online in the Golden Gate Bridge store for $25. It’s considerably more expensive than the blue ones, but we’re talking about the price of fashion (and local history), folks!

Update: The $25 actually includes $18 of pre-paid transit funds! This is a steal, everyone. Now if only it wasn’t a colossal pain in the ass to trade up.


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