Giants Win World Series! SF Trashes Muni! (update)

Photo by Mike Hendrickson

Update (1:46 p.m.): SFist posted this video of the burning bus as well as a response (via SF Appeal) from SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose:

Muni spokesman Paul Rose tells SFAppeal that the burned-out bus had just been revamped and was worth a cool $700,000.

Original post: Good morning, San Francisco. Hope you slept well. Wasn’t that fun?

Of course, we’re elated that the 2012 San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Shortly after the 4-3 win over the Detroit Tigers, much actin’-afool commenced. Muni buses were smashed, set on fire, and climbed on by rioters on the street.

Here’s a visual recap of stopped, walked-on, and/or destroyed Muni vehicles around town last night.

Photo by itsraydela

Photo by tomdgk61

Photo by jaygem

Photo by philipxanderson

Photo by eze415

By the way, the World Series parade will be this Wednesday morning. You can expect Market Street buses to be re-routed or halted, and streetcars to be out of service for a while.

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  • Taxpayer gets trahsed

    This is a taste of what’s to come if “O” is not reelected!!

    Get used to the lawlessness….SF. You allowed these vandals to run the city for years now you will have to live with the consequences.

    Each of those bus’s cost taxpayers $500,000.00 each. This type of vandalism called civil insurrection is not covered by insurance….just put on my tab please….

    • pat

      This is not Obama’s fault it’s parents not taking control while they still could!!!!!!!! Don’t blame Obama, Blame every single politician in government for not being able to spank your kid !!!!!!! Kids are the way they are because we let other ppl take control!!!!!!!

      • Katrina

        KIDS? these are grown up adults!the city needs to crack down on its liberal idealism because its out of control. THERE WERE RIOTS 2 YEARS AGO! you think the police would have learned two years ago what mobs do. Its not hard to figure out.

  • carletonm

    These are sick people, taking advantage of a civic celebration to carry out their own vandalism. This is a disrespect to The City and to the Giants.

  • prunella

    This possibility was obviously considered by MUNI as evidenced by their revered street cars being replaced with standard buses last night.

    • makfan

      This kind of behavior has become “de riguer” after sporting championships end. It’s a very sad commentary on humanity. It only takes a few with intent to harm to ruin it for everyone else.

  • John Church

    Tell the truth newsies: Those obviously were anarchists rioting, NOT Giants fans celebrating. Celebrate = happy and burning and smashing = civil insurrection.

  • Jimantha

    Welcome to Obama’s America

  • Mari

    Go Giants! Take responsibility!

  • Jim Wells

    This kind of thing would never have happened before Obama was elected, and as soon as Mitt Romney is elected, they will never happen again! What America needs is a stronger, firmer grip on authority, not some limp grasp of what passes for ‘justice’ in all-too liberal San Francisco.

    These mentally sick people need to be sent back to where they came from, shipped here like so much cattle in the 80’s from LA and New York, abusing and terrorising San Francisco for decades. And ship them back like cattle, I say!

    Also, those malingerers who came here after Katrina and never left – ship them back. And those dirty hipsters. Send them back to Portland in rusty barges! San Francisco has a perfectly good port, and we should use it!

    And Ed Lee needs to be kicked out! What this city needs is a mayor who has the balls to call in a drone strike or the National Guard on this kind of civil unrest! It worked in Kent State on those hippies and those Occupy scumbags in UC Davis.

    • fuckyoujimwells

      hey dumbass, if romney is elected, he isnt going to do a goddamned thing to stop this shit in our city. its fun do to bad things and people will do them regardless of who the fucking president is.

      • makfan

        Witness riots in Vancouver and Montreal after the NHL Stanley Cup Final in past years. The government of Quebec is hardly Romney-like.

  • makfan

    To all the “this would never happen under Romeny (insert Republican name here)”: Please tell me what could be done to prevent this. I can go through and pull up many instances of riots following the championship round of hockey, basketball, baseball, etc.

    Should they just put up fences around the whole city? Nobody can come in for any reason for a few days after the last out is recorded? Lock up all the buses whenever we have a deciding game?

    This was spread out and if the police were to “come down hard” on one block, it would flare up (and probably get worse as word spread via Twitter) on some other block.

    As long as some people see celebrating as an excuse for unacceptable behavior, this will happen again. It honestly seems like we have to ban fun or accept that there will be a bad aftermath to clean up.

    • AwesomePossum

      Romney is going to bring in the troops, his cavaliers with musketeers, and he’ll get rid of Big Bird for stricter privatized television programming characters who will teach children how not to act. This is the justice he’ll bring to us and if he’s voted, he’ll have BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN to fill up his Cabinet just like his city upon a hill state of Massachusetts! Yayy! (Sarcasm intended)

  • SFEvl1

    Not one of those people in the photos have Giants gear on. All idiot HIPSTERS.

    • DOODE

      P sure that dude has a giants hat on I have no idea what you are talking about. These “hipsters” you speak of just instagram the riots. People in SF are just all fucking rioting retards who don’t know how to invest their energy into something constructive. Has nothing to do with hipsters but has everything to do with assholes. Thank u come again.

      • Dexter Wong

        The jerks who torched that bus are idiots, but not representative of San Francisco residents! It’s always the jerks who do stuff like that.

  • Winkingchef

    I bet the last time Detroit won the WS in 1984, they were classy about it.

    Oh wait…that started the 1984 Detroit riots:

  • SFNative

    I’d wager that few if any of these scum are native San Franciscans.

  • So we must think that we can have the snapchat account.

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