Guy Gets Beat Up Trying to Defend Muni During Riot (update)

Update (9:24 p.m.): Commenter Rafael elaborated the scene in which Simon (pictured) sustained his injuries:

this bus (on 3rd st @ Market) was eventually lit on fire…but I never saw it because I wanted to get my friend to safety. By the time I met up with Simon around 12:25 (@5-10 minutes after he got sucker punched ). He was bloody and had big knot on his head.

Downtown was a war zone. fires up and down Market. firecrackers everywhere. Anyway, I walked Simon pass the empty Muni. It was still being trashed from the outside. Someone was even throwing a kids bike at the back window trying to break it.
From what I can see…no windows were broken thru yet (time 12:35).

We wish Simon a speedy recovery, and San Francisco a more respectful celebration in the future.

Original post: Trisha sends the photo above of her friend who, in her words, “tried to defend Muni bus last night. Broken nose & teeth, concussion”

I’m still scratching my head over here. And sorry that anyone got hurt in what was supposed to have been a joyous occasion that brings the city together. Here’s hoping that Wednesday’s parade brings out our better angels, or what have you.


  • Rafael

    This bus was full of people at the time..

  • Dave Friedman

    Simon your a good man & I am proud to have you as a friend. Hang in their buddy & I hope justice gets served w/ these punks!

  • Jim

    Fuckers from out of town.

  • Dexter Wong

    At least one person stood up for Muni, most only complain about the service.

  • Mark Ballew

    Simon is honorable in attempting to defend public infrastructure, but put himself at risk at the hands of these thugs.

    Next time, take photos, collect evidence, and get a clear photo of each perp and his/her actions unless someone is clearly in danger. And Simon, if you are reading this, file civil charges against anyone you remember sucker punching you, you’ll probably get to settle out of court with a chunk of cash (I’m not a lawyer).

  • Davistrain

    I’m not a lawyer either, but even if a person could find the scumbag who beat him up, the likelihood of getting any money out of such a lowlife is rather remote. They’re usually not the sort of people who have much in the way of assets to seize or wages to garnish.

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