‘Here, talk to the girl next to me on Muni’

Photo by Steve Rhodes

First things first: WTF?

Paige brings the light of day to one of the weirdest/creepiest stories we’ve seen in our years of rounding up weird/creepy stuff on Muni. Here’s Paige:

I was riding the 33 bus line and sat in the open seat next to a man who looked to be in his mid 20s. I sat down, got out my headphones, plugged them into my phone, started playing music, then proceeded to play Temple Run. I was minding my own business while my friends were in other parts of the bus in seats. My friend came up and said something to me and then we began chatting a little as I had the headphone facing the man sitting next to me still in.

The man was talking to his friend on his phone, which I believe was a Galaxy. He accidentally dropped his phone between us while talking, then picked it up and said “sorry” and I replied with a laugh and “it’s okay”. The man then took the headphones out from the plug in his phone, tapped my shoulder, and said to his friend, “hey, here, talk to this girl sitting next to me”. He made me talk to his friend on the phone …

Wanna know what happened next? Hop over to Paige’s site Second Thoughts and find out.


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