Santacon on Wheels

Photo by Bob Horowitz

You weren’t really puzzled to see hella Santas all over town on Saturday, were you?

Santacon happened, y’all. And hella of the hella Santas were seen en route to … well, wherever it was they were going, on Muni. Natch. We start off all UGGGGGH when we think of riding Muni during citywide events. But then we get super fun photos and tweets like these. Voila, our icy hearts melt, we take pride in such responsible bar-crawling, and we fall in love with festively drunk-ass San Francisco all over again.


Photo by @erinfrey

“Santas everywhere #21” (via @erinfrey)

“Yours too?! I think we’ve inadvertently followed a Santa migration. Should we be tagging them?” (via @sbisker)

Photo by @SarahCDeming

“Great start to Santacon on the #sfmuni” (via @SarahCDeming)

“So many Santas riding Muni today.” (via @UrbanTrekUSA)

“So many Santa’s on Muni today! :DD #sfmuni” (via @smplpnkk)

Photo by @silviOMFG

“#santaconsanfrancisco #santacon #sfmuni I love that this was happening on Muni and they had mimosas. #godlov” (via @silviOMFG)

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