Muni Tweets From 1912

Photo by Shawn Clover

Today marks 100 years since the Municipal Railway became San Francisco’s official public transportation. To further commemorate this anniversary (see our 100 Stories, 100 Days Muni Centennial feature here), we decided to dig up the most popular tweeple of that 1912 day, and see what they had to say. You’re welcome.

“If this system lasts 20 years, it’ll be a miracle.” –@RolphtheMolph (SF Mayor James Rolph)

“I’m thinking, ‘He hopped aboard the streetcar, shed his waistcost, and began his getaway.'” –@gumshoewriter (Dashiell Hammett)

“Can you put in a line that runs up to my home in Sonoma? kthx.” –@heyimfromhere (Jack London)

“Hey mom, can I do a charcoal rubbing of this streetcar?” @imanseladamsyrnot (Ansel Adams)

“How very … URBAN” –@hotbobbyf (Robert Frost)

“Does it run faster for the common folk?” –@irawalruspotus (President William Howard Taft)

“This new wonderous spectacle should roll softly and carry a big schedule book.” –@TeddytheRoughRider (Teddy Roosevelt)

“A government takeover of failed business? Color me interested.” –@whatmesocialist (Franklin Delano Roosevelt)

“Frankly, Muni, I don’t give a damn why you’re late.” –@RhettYouBet (Clark Gable)

“Now are all of my newspapers covering this momentous occasion?” –@rosebud63 (William Randolph Hearst)

Happy Birthday, Muni! Hip hip, hooray! And don’t forget, Muni rides of all types are free (for everyone) today!

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  • Dexter Wong

    Another thing Mayor Rolph said was,”Let’s get the cars running and toot our horns later.” Later the following year when the Geary Street line ran out to the beach, Rolph made everyone in his ceremonial party pay a fare for each leg of the first trip out to the beach.

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