2012 in Muni stories

Photo by Jeremy W.

So, the San Francisco Giants baseball team won the top prize in professional baseball in the year that ends today. What’s that got to do with Muni? Clearly, you just came out of your coma, so we’ll go easy on you.

The most-viewed post of 2012 on Muni Diaries was “Giants Win World Series! SF Trashes Muni!”. Of course it was. I mean, what else happened this year? Fer srs.

Of course, it wasn’t the baseball game itself, nor the players or fans, who got the most pageviews on this site. It was, sadly, the wanton destruction of a Muni bus, and the story of one guy who tried to stop the madness.

The Muni Diaries post that you guys had the most to say about was “Muni Route Nicknames”. We agreed. In fact, we loved this idea so much, we made it into a 3D game at Harvey Milk Photo Center, where our map of SF with Muni route nicknames will be up until this Saturday. Go contribute your best nickname, and check out the awesome Muni photography while you’re at it.

We hosted two more Muni Diaries Live shows this year (here’s the recap of the August show, and the January show is here), and tried something new with our Muni Haiku Battle, part of 2012’s LitCrawl, in Clarion Alley. We made it to South by Southwest (amazeballs!) in March, and hosted a fourth birthday party in April to show how much we love our readers.

We also got a redesign online (take a peek if you’re reading this somewhere besides MuniDiaries.com).

Oh, and something about Muni turning 100 this year.

What about you? What’s your favorite 2012 Muni memory?

And on behalf of Muni Diaries, thank you for reading and contributing, and happy New Year!

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