Always feel like somebody’s watching you on Muni

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I’m sure many of you will be thrilled to know that Muni is set to implement a $5.9 overhaul of its surveillance cameras. Thanks to a grant from the federal government, SFMTA officials will now be able to monitor sounds and images from Muni vehicles in real time. Yep.

Via NBC Bay Area:

“The information we receive from the surveillance video is very helpful for authorities and Muni personnel,” SFMTA’s Paul Rose said. “The authorities are able to investigate crimes and find out what took place and use that as leads for their investigation.”

The new system uses real-time recording which could allow Muni or law enforcement to listen live. The technology also allows Muni to transfer recordings wirelessly to police who don’t need a warrant for the information — that’s because it’s considered public.

Check out NBC Bay Area for the full story.

Feel safer now?

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