Making Spirits Bright on Muni

Photo by torbakhopper

You thought the holidays were over? LOL. Muni rider Wendy relays the following.

The subway was backed up yesterday afternoon so I had to take an above ground bus from Civic Center to the Financial District. Taking the above ground is something that I usually hate having to do because it takes forever. I hopped on the first bus to come along, which was an F Market.

A group of teenage girls who boarded at 5th Street started singing in the back. The bus driver got on the intercom and asked if they’d maybe sing some Christmas carols instead, which they gladly did. The next thing you know, the driver has joined in over the intercom and then suddenly, there was an entire F Market streetcar singing Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

The holidays might be over but there was certainly enough cheer left to spare today.

What’s the haps on your bus?

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