Pardon me, you left something behind on BART


Clipping your fingernails on public transit* is a felony written directly into the U.S. Constitution. Seriously. Look it up.

We see complaints of this behavior perhaps more than any other complaints about Bay Area public transportation, and understandably so. But the other day, I was lucky enough to sit down on BART in a seat next to the clipped nails themselves. Just sitting there, telling me how civilized I am.



  • GG

    Clipping nails doesn’t gross me out, but at least I have the social skills to recognize that it bothers OTHER people and therefore I shouldn’t do it on public transit. But the larger question, to me, is how does this happen so often? I mean, who are these people whose nails grow SO DAMN FAST that they are constantly forced to fight back the tide by clipping them in public places? I rock climb and play guitar so I always have my nails VERY short, and yet I still find I only need to deal with them a couple of times a month (and in the privacy of my own bathroom, obvs).

  • Dexter Wong

    BART should not be a “clip” joint!

  • Matt

    Great if you’re into voodoo and other hexes.

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